Facebook and privacy

The New York Times has a thought-provoking article on how Facebook uses our collective data, including not just “Weblining,” but also how Facebook data could be used to make decisions that affect you, even if you aren’t a user!

Do you agree with Lori Andrews’ conclusion that “We need a do-not-track law, similar to the do-not-call one”?


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One response to “Facebook and privacy

  1. Ning Huang

    I have read the whole article in New York Time, and I feel the legislation should keep up with the development of technology. In the past, criminal activities always occurred in the reality situation, however, more and more probable criminal activities would appear online.

    we need privacy, while the development of technology is breaking the wall of this area. Ameirca has enacted the laws to protect some critical information from spreading out in the war time, why couldn’t it create some similar laws to protect the information of ordinary people in the peaceful time?

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