This Will Destroy You (An epitaph)

Recently, the post-rock band This Will Destroy You announced they were parting ways. It’s sad because I came to know this band’s odd form of music only a short time ago. Last summer, I saw a trailer for  the Academy-Award nominated Moneyball. In the 2nd half of the trailer, a piece of music starts and was immediately hooked on it. It complimented the images in the trailer so well.

I decided to investigate by viewing comments on YouTube for clues to the Music’s origin. I came to a link for a pseudo music video based on the song entitled The Mighty Rio Grande. It was video about Earth’s climate from various heights. The music was entirely instrumental, very distant in nature, but sounded epic. It takes you to a place and a time, but you don’t where it is, but you know it’s there. It’s hard to describe how you feel when you listen to this music, in part because it tells a story. I compare it to like driving through the Mojave Desert at dusk. Now I’ve never been to Mojave Desert, but if I were driving through the Mojave at dusk, I would be listening to this music. It haunts you, not in a scary way, but in a way that sticks in your mind.

After listening to the song in its entirety (an astounding 11 minutes in length), I decided I wanted more of this music, so I went on-line via Itunes to search for the accompanying album. The search led me to their self-titled album, and without hesitating, bought the album off Itunes. In addition to The Mighty Rio Grande, the rest of album had the same distant, but epic feel. It’s not like prod-rock that goes on for 12-13 minutes at a time. This music is more focused, like a journey almost.

I implore anyone who reads this post to take a listen to This Will Destroy You. It might not your cup of tea, but at least try to understand what the music is saying because you might not hear something like it ever again.


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  1. Ning Huang

    I think music is a wonderful thing in the world, which could make you calm ,or passionate. I know the feeling you have with this band, and I hope you could continue to enjoy its product.

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