South by Southwest, My Interactive Experience!

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. From workshops covering social media privacy policies to learning what journalism can from science this conference had it all.  I learned so much great information I thought I would share, enjoy!


Blogger Outreach

This semester we have discussed the role and influence bloggers have on their followers.So I was delighted to attend the, “How to Raise Awareness Through Blogger Outreach” session facilitated by Beverly Robertson, Debbie Bookstabber, Katherine Stone, and Kristine Brite McCormick. It’s no secret that mommy bloggers dominate the blogsphere, so here are their top tips for maximizing your blog potential.

1. Blog often, blog well!

2. Routinely publish multimedia content, print stories related to your area of expertise.

3. Doesn’t have to be big production, just relevant, interesting or useful information.

4. Use Social Media and word of mouth to drive traffic to your online presence.

5. Tackle issues that are hot topics in the news.

Web Video

It’s no secret that journalists and media professionals are going to have to become more savy with video if they want to stay relevant in this climate. Whether you’re using video to supplement your print pieces or using it to make a short promotional video for a client, knowing how to shoot, edit, and produce video is a great skill to have. Here are the top ways to make your videos stand out!

  1. First, ask yourself why are you telling this story visually?
  2. Video should be complementary to print stories, but should also be compelling as stand alone pieces.
  3. Detail is key!
  4. Audio is IMPORTANT! Audiences will forgive anything but bad sound.
  5. Collaboration can be helpful. Find someone who cares about something different than you.
  6. People want longer content! People want to develop a deeper experience with video.
  7. Journalists should take on the introvert/extrovert stance to producing video.
Make the data count
Journalists and media professionals rely heavily on data to develop story ideas, as well as confirm facts, but that doesn’t mean audiences are readily convinced. Many are skeptical of numbers or simply don’t understand how the data affects them. In order to make your readers care, you better make sure you establish a connection! See how to engage readers with your data!
  1. When communicating science a huge misconception is that facts speak for themselves
  2. How we create and facilitate information is important!
  3. Visualize the facts to narrate the story!
  4. Visuals are easier to comprehend, allow you to convey more, and provide audiences with a deeper emotional connection!
  5. Discover the problem, before the facts!
  6. People need to know that you care, before they care what you know!!!!!!



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13 responses to “South by Southwest, My Interactive Experience!

  1. Thanks for posting about SXSW! This is really useful information, especially for beginning bloggers. I love that it’s the Moms that are capitalizing on this media. I’m curious though if the panel had any other types of blogs they felt were particularly well done. I’m always looking for more stuff to read!

  2. williamwickey

    Sounds awesome. I wish I could have made it down.

    With the future of journalism being so shaky, I’m always interested in hearing informed opinions about where the industry is going.

    Did you get to see any live music while you were down there?

  3. It is vital in today’s world for people to understand the new platforms of communication. While my generation has grown up with the Internet and we seem to be able to navigate it well, we still have a lot to learn. The Internet has not been around long enough for people to know a correct method for using it. Explaining how to blog properly based on professional’s experiences is a great way for students like me to learn good practices.

  4. cameronellis88

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us! It is easier said than done when people explain tips for blogging, but I feel these blogger outreach steps are really helpful. Now blogging seems a little less daunting.

  5. Ning Huang

    “Audio is IMPORTANT! Audiences will forgive anything but bad sound” This is an impressive part I really keep in mind from this article.

    Today, people are more and more adapt to the mutilmedia comunication, and also willing to see an appealling video to get some valuable information. I think I will try my best to learn the video shooting skill well from the bootcamp course this summer break.

  6. Love that you got to go to this! (And really jealous as well!) Thanks for sharing this information. I am definitely wanting to go next year! Wish you had got to see my friends’ band play there though! You should still check them out though!

  7. These are some really great tips for bloggers, especially people like me who are very new to it. I have a very difficult time with blogging unless I have a very specific topic to write about. I am a terrible (or amazing) perfectionist, so writing can be pretty difficult for me. I stress way too much about the content, so it ends up taking me twice as long as some people to produce content.

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