The Final Four



Its time now for the Final Four, descending this year on Bourbon Street and the Louisiana Superdome. The first matchup, going on right now is the battle for the Bluegrass State. Louisville and Kentucky are going back and fourth, trying to assert themselves. As a fan on neither team,  I can certainly say I have no personal stake in whomever wins. Of my brackets, is one where I can still succeed. All four of my teams made the Final Four, with Louisville winning it all vs. Kansas. Unfortunately, Kentucky looks like they are going to win. Damn, better luck next year.



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5 responses to “The Final Four

  1. Sorry, Ace. If it’s any consolation, both my older brother and the President of the United States were wrong too. UNC didn’t even make it to the final four. Hope your bracket looks better than theirs.

  2. cameronellis88

    Ace you may not have a stake in whomever wins, but those Kentucky fans are crazy! I believe win or lose tonight, if I was living in Kentucky I would stay inside because of all the riots. Not very classy, go Kansas!

    • Not every Kentucky fan is an idiot. A few morons make the whole state look so bad; it’s embarrassing for me because watching the ‘Cats play was such a happy part of my childhood.

  3. williamwickey

    You called it Andrea.

  4. Even with Kentucky winning, I still love March Madness!

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