The TOP GEAR Revolution

A couple of years ago, my dad asked me if I’ve ever heard of the show “Top Gear”? I told him no, so he promptly turns to BBC America, and I had what can be best described as an awakening. The show was in Iceland with Richard Hammond (aka Hamster) driving a Bowler Wildcat (an off-road vehicle with a shouty V-8) against a jet-powered Kayak (video below). From that moment on, I fell in love with Top Gear. Its combination of British humor, fast cars, and general insanity is a must-see for everyone. The best way I can describe, its pretty much what goes on inside a car-guys=’s mind. I implore anyone to watch the videos below to get a taste of what Top Gear is all about.



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5 responses to “The TOP GEAR Revolution

  1. williamwickey

    Have you seen any of the American Top Gears? Are they as good?

    I feel like I would be into this show but I never see it on. Maybe I don’t get BBC America.

    • Will, Sadly Top Gear UK is only on BBC America. You can find select episodes of the show on, or see clips of the show on YouTube. The American Top Gear is a bastardization of what makes the original so great. Of the episodes I’ve seen, there’s just no charm to it, no humor. The hosts are not Car experts per say; Rutledge is a Nascar guy, Tanner is a douchebag, and Adam just doesnt bring the laughs.

  2. Guess I have to see this show now. The clips were that good.
    Wickey, I haven’t seen either show, but based on my experience with Iron Chef and Iron Chef America, Ninja Warrior and American Ninja Warrior, and two versions of The Office, the American version usually doesn’t measure up. Sad and ashamedly unpatriotic face.

    • Your right Andrea, the American version does not hold a candle to Top Gear UK. Part of the problem with the American version is the lack of budget, its on the History Channel (Why!). It misses all the key igriedients.

  3. Top Gear filmed in the Florida Keys while I was stationed there and had plans to come on our base, which would have been cool but A LOT of extra work for me.

    We did end up having Mike and Mike do a show from one of our ships for ESPN’s Veterans’ Week. I got to meet the Mikes and have dinner with the production team the night before. Military Public Affairs has to be the best job in the military!

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