Your attention please

Is digital communication ruining our ability to pay attention or think great thoughts? Colbert and his guest, Nicholas Carr, have some thoughts on this issue.

Now, pardon me while I get back to my Pinterest boards.

Update: if you’re worried about your brain’s ability to deal with distractions, this link to a Fast Company article on that topic just came across my Twitter stream. Heh.



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3 responses to “Your attention please

  1. I must admit I had a hard time not using technology in class today. I’m definitely on team multitask, but I’m starting to realize that what I might consider effective time management is being perceived as uninterested and rude. During undergrad I didn’t bring a laptop to class and smart phones didn’t exist, so I engaged with my instructors and peers during the entire class. I can honestly say that although I didn’t use technology as an undergrad, I find it very difficult to leave my laptop or smart phone at home now. As a health and medical journalism (hmj) student, I’ve been encouraged to tweet links to relevant stories and news articles, post recent published articles on Facebook and of course check in with potential sources via email during class. After today’s class I realize I should probably work on limiting my multitasking and focus on mastering the single task. First step, I’m writing this response with no music, no television, and no open social media tabs…baby steps.

  2. I’ve tried to become more mindful, too. It’s so tempting to think that it’ll just take a second and you’ll be getting something else done, but in fact it’s probably just making the original thing take longer, or not be done as effectively.

  3. Fine; I admit it. I do much better when I can turn off all the electronics, mute my phone, and pay attention to one thing only.

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