A Girl Named Julia

When I woke up Thursday morning,  I fully expected a no-frills type a day; took a shower, had some yogurt, watch a little Mike and Mike in the morning, a usual morning for me. I agreed to help out fellow grad student Mark  with a video project on video games and college athletics. About 11am, he got over to my apartment, we did an interview, and it was done, no problem. In the mid-afternoon, I had to meet Andrea over at the 4th floor of Grady to go over our case study. After the meeting, I stuck around to work on a few reports for Dr. Lee’s Telecomm policy class. Later that night, I was supposed to go out dinner with a few friends, but the plan fell through. It got be around 5:30, I decided to head back to my apartment and take a nap because I had gotten sick a day earlier. I wanted to go out to dinner around 7 so I could get back and do laundry. It was a well thought out plan. (A important note here) I fell asleep around 6:15, didn’t get until 7. So, I woke up, threw some clothes on, and headed out to The Blind Pig Tavern on Atlanta Hwy. I sit down at the bar, order a drink, and tune my eyes to watching Heat vs. Bulls the big TV behind the bar. I ate, talked with the lovely bartender for a bit, sat until the end of the first half and kindly asked for my check. As I’m settling up with the check, a very attractive girl sits at the bar next to me.  She’s about  5’9” tall, long brown hair, hazel green eyes, mid-20’s, slender figure.

I didn’t think anything of it, until she turns to me and asks “Are there more lively bars around here?” I responded with a humble “No.” I then ask her almost as a reactionary response, “Are you new here in town?” She responds with a quick yes, but with a caveat. She told me she had very recently moved down from D.C. with her boyfriend, who was not with her. She then tells me her relationship has gone very sour and its her birthday. At this moment, my mind was screaming at me, “Walk Away, Walk Away, Walk Away!!!,” but as usually is the case with me, I did not. She asks for my name, I kindly give it to her (of course she doesn’t believe its my real name. What else is new?). I then ask for hers, and she tells me her name is  Julia.

What happened next literally left me speechless; Julia goes off on this hour-long rant about her personal life, which includes a tale of cheating on her ex-boyfriend with her current boyfriend, her one-time use of heroin,  mis-treatment by her boyfriend, driving down to Miami from Palm Beach to have a fling, the list goes on. While she’s telling me this, two things are going through my mind; 1. Is Julia being honest with me? or 2. This woman well and truly fascinates me, and I must learn more to gain understanding. After Julia finishes her rant,  she apologizes to me. I told her, “Its okay, you don’t need to apologize to me.” Julia then asks me for my thoughts on her, I responded with not being able to form a single damn word. I get a reprieve as she runs to the bathroom. While she is gone, my mind is scrambling to make sense of what was just heard, and I ask myself, “How do I not come off as judgemental?” I had to frame my analysis so it wouldn’t offend her, plus give a constructive criticism. Julia kept referring to herself as a “crazy bitch.” She repeated the term a number of times. I tried to tell her otherwise, coining the word shameless. She seemed to take kindly to the word, as much as warming up to me. I asked her why she was so promiscuous, she responded with not wanting to be alone. I was sympathetic, some people just don’t want to be alone. After my consoling/counseling of the poor girl, she decided to do the same thing to me. She pointed out the very obvious flaw in my personality; the fact that I’m wound tighter than a lugnut. She lamented that even I was thoughtful and attractive, I lacked a certain confidence to entice women. I couldn’t deny it, there I sat no more than 6 inches from her face, and I could not pull the trigger. My guess was caution was the better part of valor, or I have no guts at all. The point of her introspection was I don’t live for the moment. There it was, here is a woman who is totally free, able to play by her own social norms.

Before I wrap up this story, I’m going to give a little background on Julia; Born in Lithuania in 1987, speaks fluent Russian, graduated with a Masters’ degree in Business at Georgetown, and is incredibly gorgeous. Anyways, I concluded the night by walking her back to the car, giving her a hug and kissing her on the cheek. I drove to my apartment, got out of the car, went to bed, and tried to sleep. Suffice to say I didn’t sleep well, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

If there is a lesson learned out of all of this, I learned I can not make a plan, for it will turn on its head. Fate has a funny way of showing itself, maybe its being at the right place at the right time, or it’s shutting up and listening to a girl named Julia.



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6 responses to “A Girl Named Julia

  1. I completely understand what you’re saying. I, myself wish I was more of a free spirit. Those people do things like sky diving and impromptu trips to Europe. However, maybe there is something to be said for being in one piece with an above average credit rating. So let’s hear it for the lame people, it takes guts not to be exciting.

  2. williamwickey

    Interesting story! Sometimes you meet the most interesting people when you just sit back and listen. Maybe use a little social media to get back in touch. Craigslist missed connections?

  3. Honestly, I was jealous until you started describing the topics of her rant. I would have mentally checked out at the point where she was describing her cheating and mistreatment of her boyfriends and past drug use. And I would have definitely bolted when she went to the restroom. Yes, that would have been a jerkass move on my part, but knowing myself, I would have probably been too weirded out at that point to care.

  4. Interesting story, Ace. It’s very true that you never know who will step into your life. I think it’s really important to get out and do things periodically, even if you think you don’t have time. I am still trying to learn how to balance living with being a total workaholic.

  5. cameronellis88

    There is that saying ,” Man plans and God laughs.” One of the greatest skills in life to learn is adapting to whatever comes into your world! Next time get her number, but maybe the next one won’t be a “crazy bitch.”

  6. Love the posts everybody! My one notable regret, I did not get her number.

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