Summer Umbrella Wreath

My friends would tell you that I decorate my front door for every holiday, I mean EVERY holiday. So from Halloween until Easter there is something decorative on my door at all times. There is always a depression that ensues when I can’t figure out what to celebrate between Easter and Memorial Day. This year I decided to celebrate the warm temperatures with a festive, bright and cheery paper umbrella wreath.

I first came across this idea on Pinterest and saw it again in Food Network Magazine.  Both places raved about how quick, easy and cheap this wreath was to make. So I gave it a try!

To start, you need to purchase a package of paper parasols/umbrellas, which can be found at Party City for only $5. Just a little side note, you will have tons left over for some Cinco de Mayo margaritas! You will also need a 14″ foam wreath, which I found at Michael’s for only $5.99.

Now just start opening the umbrellas and sticking them into the foam wreath.

About 15 minutes later you will have a complete umbrella wreath. This wreath is a great way to brighten up any door for the summer and just in time for a fiesta!




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8 responses to “Summer Umbrella Wreath

  1. I love it! Very sunny and inspiring. I think I’ll go ahead and buy some SPF 75 for the occasion when school is over, and I can actually leave the library and go outside!

  2. Perhaps its all the time I had to spend thinking about grassroots cultural production while reading “Convergence Culture,” but I think Pinterest in many ways could be viewed as a new version of folk craftsmanship. In the ways that crafting such as knitting and weaving were passed down through facilities through the years, perhaps Pinterest is just the next evolution.

  3. williamwickey

    I like it. Why limit the wreaths to the holidays? Very creative.

    This post got me trapped on the wikipedia page for “wreath” for about 20 minutes.

  4. This is the very reason I have had to abandon my Pinterest account until after the end of the semester. So many crafty ideas and I’m reminded of how many really talented and creative people we have in the world. Such an inspiration.

  5. Ning Huang

    That’s pretty nice and amazing! You are so skillful! Such thing could make our life full of happiness and surprise.

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