Athens Farmers Market – local and sustainable… and very cool.

The Athens Farmers Market is back in business for the season, and I recently decided to check it out for the first time a few Saturdays ago.  Being the yuppy that I am, I love a good farmer’s market; it strikes just the right balance between giving me a sense of superiority  and helping my local farmers that only comes from purchasing unwashed organic carrot bundles.

The Athens Farmers Market is a non-profit run by local artists, farmers, and musicians that strive to bring healthy, affordable, and sustainable foods to the people of Athens.  The market is held every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Bishop Park and every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Little Kings’ Shuffle Club, and features not only local fresh produce, dairy, and other foods, but local musicians and artists.

I attended the market on both a Saturday and a Wednesday.  On Saturday there seemed to be more families and a wider age range in attendance, and there were far more booths to explore.  Wednesday’s crowd was younger and hipper, and many seemed to be there as much for the Little Kings salsa lessons as for the farmers market itself.

The vendors and volunteers both days were extremely friendly and welcoming, and far less concerned about turning a profit than having a good time and interacting with their customers.  I asked for a recommendation for a good dark roast from local Athens coffee roasters 1000 Faces and they suggested Aldo’s Blend, my new favorite coffee in the world.  With my fresh new pound of coffee and a hot cup of joe for the road, I was enamored.

If you are looking for an interesting break from your Saturday morning hangover or just in the market (so to speak) for some really delicious and fresh organic foods, go check it out.  Plan to eat lunch at one of the booths, where you can pick up wares such as freshly made empanadas and grass-fed burgers.  There is ample parking, and the atmosphere is great.



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5 responses to “Athens Farmers Market – local and sustainable… and very cool.

  1. cameronellis88

    I love the farmer’s market! To continue supporting local Athens’ area farmers and vendors, eat at my favorite restaurant Last Resort. On their website, , they have a list of their local vendors including Cecilias Cakes (my favorite bakery)

  2. Thanks, Cameron. I’ll definitely check it out! I’ve heard of Last Resort Grill and everyone says it’s delicious. I just tried out The Grit the other night for the 1st time, and I was pleasantly surprised. I like vegetarian food, but that night I was actually in the mood for meat. I had the “steak” quesadilla and it definitely curbed my craving.

  3. I might give that a look. I need a bit more organic in my diet.

  4. I might need to check this out. I try to eat healthly as I can – with some exceptions, but the biggest determinator I my dietary makeup is which grocery store is closest to me. Maybe I should go off the beaten path.

  5. Ning Huang

    Such market is great! As a student from China, I really hope that this kind of market could be set up in more and more places of my country, where the virulent and even fake product could be found almost everywhere.

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