Red-roasted meat—-a special kind of Chinese food

 This dish was made by myself last night, an it has a special name——Red-roasted meat.

 It is very famous in China, which belongs to one of the well-known food in Hunan province. Most people in China love this food because the founding father of the People’s Republic of China, Mao zhedong or Chairman Mao, deeply appreciated this dish and spent most of his lifetime enjoying it.

 I completed this dish in three main steps: First, I put the meat, which is half fat and half thin, into the boiled water for twenty mintues, thus making the meat become almost ripe. Then I sliced it into small pieces. Second, I stir the ginger pieces, garlic pieces, and Mexico hot pepper with hot oil and fried them, then I put down the meat and mixed it with the above-mentioned stuff. Third, I use a pot and cooked the meat with litte fire. After one and a half hour, a delicious red-roasted is ready to eat.

However, this kind of food is full of fat, we need to control the amount that we consume, and appropriate amount would make us feel energetic and warm.

Just have a taste of this food when you have chance to visit China.



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